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Meet Dr. (h.c) Raechelle Johnson


A company is only as strong as its executive leadership.

Innovative Strategist Dr. (h.c.) Raechelle “Rae” Johnson, CEO of Kreative Ink LLC, influences and inspires reputation through strategic delivery enabling companies–program growth and performance. Dr (hc) Johnson is depended on to provide insight and stakeholders’ perception prior to critical decision. Dr (hc) Raechelle "Rae" reveals where opportunity meets challenge, creating development in change and calculated execution.

Kreative Ink LLC has helped clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. Discover how to define your definition of SUCCESS today.

Kreative Ink LLC has helped clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. Discover how to define your definition of SUCCESS today.


Learning Solutions


Development Paths

Elevate your leadership with mindfulness mastery! As a seasoned training expert, I empower leaders to transcend conventional boundaries. Mindful leaders, adept at understanding and connecting with their teams, inspire unparalleled success. Let's turn your leadership into a force that not only achieves shared goals but fosters a culture of continuous growth. Join me on a journey where mindfulness meets leadership excellence – where your success story begins.

Content Marketing Solutions

Visionary Catalyst

In a world where attention is the ultimate currency, strategic content marketing reigns supreme. I offer a game-changing service that goes beyond the basics. Dive into
crafted, compelling, entertaining, and informative content that magnetically attracts, engages, and retains your audience. Transform your business with "content with a purpose". Let's create a strategy that not only captures attention but converts it into lasting customer loyalty.

Coaching Solution

Evolution Strategist

Unleash the power of your voice and expertise on a larger stage --
expand your impact. As a dedicated speech coach, my service is designed to empower new and emerging speakers, as well as seasoned professionals, align their message with the essence of their brand. Let's co-create a speaking strategy that not only sets you apart but also ensures your message resonates deeply, engages effectively, and converts meaningfully.

Transformational Speaker

Dr. (hc) Raechelle 'Rae' Johnson embodies the essence of transformation as one of today's preeminent keynote speakers, business and leadership visionaries, a catalysts for profound change. With a global presence as an edutainment speaker, Dr. Rae is committed to igniting the spark of transformation within her audiences, propelling them toward tangible, life-altering action.

For over 25 years, Dr. Rae has graced the world's most illustrious stages, sharing insights alongside industry titans. Her mastery of brand strategy, organizational behavior and mindful leadership serves as a transformative force, bridging the gap between established enterprises and emerging ventures, guiding them toward unprecedented success.

As a transformational speaker, Dr. Rae doesn't inspires actionable change that reverberates throughout individuals and organizations alike. Her captivating blend of information, entertainment, and engagement sparks a fire within her audiences, driving them to take bold, transformative action that reshapes their lives and propels them toward their fullest potential.

Training Topics:

  • Mindful Communication (Topics)

  • Coaching Fundamentals

  • Change Management

  • Customer Service & Client Relationships'

  • Digital Literacy

  • DiSC

  • Effective Habits for Remote Work

  • Impactful Presentation Skills

  • Leadership Development (Topics)

  • Organization Behavior/Development (Topics)

  • Project Management (Topics)

  • Strategic Planning & Visioning

  • Stress Management & Self-care

  • Team Development (Topics)

Speaking Topics:

  • Coloring Outside the Lines [Being Your Authentic Self]

  • Breaking Through the Noise [Reaching Your Ideal Audience]

  • B.R.A.G. [Brand Responsibility Accountability & Growth]

  • Intentional Success Vs. Purposeful Failure


Your path to personal development begins here. For over 25 years Kreative's focus has been on helping you be a stronger leader and your business better equipped to achieve greater success overall. With knowledge and experience you can trust. Choose from a lineup of self-paced online custom designed crafted courses, leveraging decades of experience and skill of digestible content for specific industry challenges.

Innovative Strategy & Change

w/Dr Raechelle Rae


Brave Bold & Unstoppable...

Content Marketing Strategy,

How to Win Clients & Influence Markets... THE REBOOT

Dr. Raechelle Rae's Content Marketing Strategy REBOOT focuses on revitalizing a brand's online presence. It begins with setting clear goals and conducting in-depth audience research to create tailored content. Developing a unique value proposition and implementing a content calendar ensures consistency and differentiation. Diverse content formats, enhanced SEO techniques, and leveraging social media channels play pivotal roles. Collaborating with influencers and measuring performance through analytics completes the comprehensive strategy. What she has coined the REBOOT Methodology, a clear roadmap for developing a successful content marketing strategy.

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